Presentation and Video Submission Area


Instructions for submitting abstracts:

  1. Literature reviews (except systematic review or metanalysis) will not be accepted.
  2. Results of tests using animals or humans must be authorized by the Ethics Committee.
  3. Works with the use of plants of Brazilian flora origin must have the authorization and number of the Sisgen.
  4. Works that do not meet the standards will not be accepted.
  5. The abstract should be no longer than 1 page.
  6. The abstract should be written in English.
  7. The authors must submit the abstracts in one of the four thematic areas: Technology, Pharmacometrics, Quality control or Preclinical and Clinical Trials.


Instructions for submitting video:

  1. You should upload a 5 min video in English with your presentation on YouTube.
  2. The link of your presentation on YouTube should be submitted in our website.
  3. The presentation should follow the slide template on the website (We will include this template in a couple of weeks).
  4. The deadline to submit your video is August 26th.